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As a property manager, we take on the task of overseeing the property, from finding qualified tenants to coordinating renovations. Our application process provides owners with valuable information on each tenant. Our process for rental applications is as follows:

  • The tenant must show at least three times the monthly rental amount in gross income per month. The two most recent paycheck stubs are required.
  • A credit report is completed on each tenant.

  • A national background check on each tenant over the age of 18 is completed.

  • A national eviction record check on each tenant is completed.

  • Rental references from previous landlords are verified.

  • Employment is verified on each tenant.

The Moore Company maintains an escrow account for all security deposits and disbursements, as per the South Carolina Landlord-Tenant Act. Our leases and contracts are created using forms approved by the South Carolina Association of REALTORS®.

Once a tenant is approved, and places a deposit, they must move in within 2 weeks. After 24 hours, their deposit becomes nonrefundable. If they do not move in, their deposit will be forfeited to the owner. Inspections on the property are typically done annually, unless otherwise requested. Additionally, we require our maintenance vendors to spot check units as they respond to repair requests to report any issues in the interim.

The Moore Company handles the day-to-day communication with tenants, coordinating repairs, collecting rents, marketing to prospective tenants and more. Our normal business hours are 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. We also have an emergency line for tenants after hours and on weekends when emergency maintenance is needed.

Upon move out, tenants are required to leave the property reasonably clean and free of any damage. Any change to the unit beyond normal wear and tear can be charged to the tenant and taken from their security deposit. The Moore Company disburses owner funds in accordance with our policy. A statement is sent with the disbursement, copies of any invoices for contracted work or materials during that financial period, as well as real-time financial reports, are available 24/7 on the owner’s financial portal.